Gambling Affiliate Programs

The main reasons for the attractiveness of affiliate programs related to online gambling are the low threshold for entering a business and high income. To start in this niche you do not need special knowledge, and the quick profit, with persistence, more than covers the monthly earnings of an ordinary network user working at the machine or in the office.

But, like any other business, earning on affiliate programs of online casinos has a lot of nuances hidden at first. Between registering on the PP website and profit on a bank card or in an electronic wallet, you will encounter many pitfalls.

We propose to consider this review a map on which dangerous places are marked and a short path to treasures is indicated.

Online casino affiliate programs: what is it?

An affiliate program (PP) is a contract between a website or service, in our case, an online casino, and a webmaster, in which the first one provides the second set of promotional materials and pays a percentage based on the results of the customer’s reaction to this advertisement, which the program participant places in network.

Example: you insert an affiliate casino link on your website, a visitor clicks on it, signs up, a gambling service pays the agreed commission for this action.

Earnings models for casino affiliate programs

There are four main ways to profit from cooperation with PP online casinos.

  • RevShare (Revenue Share) - a popular model in which the webmaster receives a percentage of the income of the casino itself. The size of payments ranges from 40 to 75% and depends on the conditions of the software and the volume of traffic.

The disadvantages of the "revshars" include the likelihood of "go into the red", as the involved players still sometimes win. In this case, the above percentages are deducted from the balance of the webmaster.

Advice: look for the PP in which the negative balance is reset. In different programs, in different ways, usually this happens once or twice a month, but there are sites where zeroing occurs every week.

  • Deposit percentage , where the PP pays the master a percentage of the deposit of attracted casino customers. This scheme eliminates the possibility of catching the above minus balance. The size of the commission is up to 30%.

Advice. Each affiliate has its own conditions: in some, payments occur only upon the first replenishment of the game deposit, in others, the master’s account grows with each arrival of funds attracted by the casino client. Read the terms of the PP carefully.

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) - payment for registering a referral in a gambling establishment. The amount is usually fixed: 50-150 dollars, but there are PPs who pay more.

Attention. This payment model, in most affiliate services, is not available by default and is included only after contacting the administration and, often, only for trusted partners.

  • Hybrid - CPA + RS or CPA +% - a combination of two schemes. The amount of payments, as well as the possibility of application, are discussed with the administration individually.

The above examples are the main models of interaction between the webmaster and the casino software. In practice, the affiliate program can offer its options for cooperation, which differ from the basic ones both in terms of the scheme and the size of the commission.

What are the promotional materials

Each visitor to your site is a special person with his own experience and tastes. Someone reacts to a bright picture, someone closer to a competent and intelligible text. Based on the specifics of the resource from which it is planned to pour traffic, the webmaster selects the type of advertising to attract customers.

  • Banners - colorful graphic blocks advertising online casinos, promotions, individual games. This is usually a static picture, but there are images in gif and flash format.

When planning banner placement, firstly, it should be borne in mind that most visitors to your site use browsers with the ad blocker turned on, which means that they may simply not see this beauty. Secondly, the quality of the design of such images, many PP is far from ideal. Even if people see them, they feel nothing but irritation.

Advice: choose PP where banners are presented in the widest possible range of options: in size, format, etc.

  • Contextual links - the most massive tool for attracting traffic, most importantly, do not overdo it with the quantity. Placing them in the right places on the site, preferably closer to the end of the leading text, you can achieve an excellent user reaction, and, accordingly, increase traffic.

Tip: do not share with contextual links. Meeting a large number of them in one place, people will react back to your expectations, believing that a dummy is hiding behind such obsession. As they say: less is better, but better.

  • Videos describing online casino sites, individual games, tournaments, promotions, bonuses, etc. There are clickable ones that lead the visitor to the target place, there are none. In this case, you can achieve the desired effect by placing contextual links around the video.

Advice: A well-chosen video is twofold. Firstly, if it is interesting, it forces users to move on to the casino, which is what you need, and secondly, watching a video increases the overall time spent by visitors to the site, which leads to improved behavioral factors. As a result, the site is promoted in rank.

  • Demo games - the most effective form of advertising online casinos, because it solves several problems at once: attracts visitors, holds their attention, redirects to the casino website.

Advice: try to use demo versions of games in which a banner periodically appears urging you to play for money. According to statistics, the conversion in this case is much higher.

  • Landings is a relatively new, but very effective way to attract customers. In fact, this is a finished page with a demo game and a simplified registration form in a casino. There is evidence that the conversion on landings exceeds the results of direct traffic by 5 times.

Advice: look for software that allows you to modify your own landing page. The finished page may not fully meet the needs of your audience, and the optimization option will allow you to "fit" it as accurately as possible, thereby further increasing conversion figures.

Is your website necessary for participating in an affiliate program?

Of course, working with PP through a personal website is a profitable activity. Especially if the resource is promoted to several thousand unique visitors per day. Meanwhile, you can get income from cooperation with casino affiliates without it. How?

  1. SMM (Social Media Marketing) - driving traffic from social networks. To do this, it is enough to place promotional materials and posts in VK, Instagram, FB, YouTube, or Odnoklassniki groups. A good option is your own group.
  2. Profile blogs, forums, chats. As in the first case, you post information about casino partners on the selected service. However, if in social networks this can be done relatively safely, then for advertising in a general chat or forum you can get a ban on spam with all the consequences. The reputation and tact are important here.
  3. Messengers - Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber. According to statistics, users of these services open 90% of messages. The webmaster has to find a suitable channel, create an advertising text, attach a picture and pay for the place of display. By the way, the prices for advertising in instant messengers are quite affordable.
  4. Email newsletters is an outdated and not so effective way, but it's worth a try. The main thing is to create or find (buy) a suitable database of addresses. The principle is the same: we generate a message, attach a referral link to the casino website, send and wait for a reaction.
  5. Contextual advertising. Despite the prohibition of gambling advertising, Google and Yandex will not mind if you start to place promotional materials on resources of a similar subject. Niches such as: binary options, Forex, sports or adult sites provide excellent conversions. The webmaster’s task is to agree with the owners.
  6. Clickers and bucks - a cheap but ineffective way, due to the predominance of non-target audience. For 50-100 rubles you can buy up to 1000 clicks, but people will click on the link for money, and not out of interest in the game.

As you can see, even without your own website, you can organize powerful traffic to your desired goal. Naturally, this will not be easy and not free, but will the creation and promotion of a personal resource be cheaper?

How to choose a reliable affiliate program

Suppose you have decided on a payment scheme and decided where you will be pouring traffic from. How not to make a mistake in choosing a reliable affiliate program? What criteria should I choose?

  • Online casino brands promoted by affiliate. If they are little-known, have a bad reputation or are in a foreign location for your audience, money will be wasted on organizing traffic.
  • Rules of financial relations with PP. When, how much, through which payment systems you can withdraw earned money. What percentage of the commission is due to you as a webmaster immediately and in the future, on what terms, and on what basis profit is calculated. In general, everything related to finance.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal. If you are a beginner, then it will be difficult to reach the coveted 250 dollars, from which some PPs start paying commissions. Focus on companies where you can withdraw amounts starting from 5-10 dollars, otherwise you will easily find yourself in a situation where it’s a pity to quit and it’s hard to go.
  • Zeroing the negative balance. The more often your minus will be debited, the easier it will be to collect the amount necessary for withdrawal. Today, affiliate programs are equally common in which zeroing occurs once a week and once a month. Read the terms of the partnership agreement carefully.
  • Reviews of webmasters. The network is full of resources on which people share their own experience with a particular software. Do not be lazy, chat with the masters. Sometimes in a personal conversation, you can find out a lot of interesting things about the “decent” at first glance affiliate program.

Earnings on affiliate programs of online casinos are easier and closer than many think. There is no need to be a "guru", to have a lot of money or free time. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to make a decent profit, but you must agree that getting an average monthly Russian salary without leaving your home is worth it!