TruePlay Affiliate Program

TruePlay Affiliate Program

Modern casinos are making titanic efforts to attract customers and turn it into regular visitors to gaming clubs. For this, bonuses, promotions, tournaments and prizes are used that are generously offered to potential players. But the most effective and advanced method of attracting customers is to use the Fairspin casino affiliate program, which is based on the blockchain. It helps webmasters to receive part of the casino profit by attracting new visitors to the site of the gaming club.


A feature of this affiliate program is that to make a profit webmasters do not even need to have their own virtual resource. It’s enough to correctly manage referral links and use advertising materials provided by the casino itself.

In order to become a member of the referral system on the blockchain, you first need to register. This is a short process, including the following points:

  • Go to the Fairspin casino website.
  • Go to the "Affiliate Programs" section.
  • Make an electronic wallet in TruePlay system.
  • Enter your contact email address.
  • Complete the registration process.

After the new member brings the first customers, he will begin to receive payments on the affiliate program.

How to become a member of the affiliate program

After completing registration, a new user has the opportunity to use all the projects included in the TruePlay platform. Some of the benefits that customers get from this resource include the following:

  • Full transparency of financial processes.
  • Monitoring of accruals.
  • Statistics for the time of participation in the program.
  • The use of blockchain technology eliminates the slightest interference in the processes of processing, accruing and conducting financial operations.
  • Each new user "counts" from the moment of registration.
  • Projects are registered on the basis of TruePlay technology.
  • Payments every two weeks.
  • Payments in cryptocurrency or in dollar equivalent.
  • Providing free promotional materials for posting on the webmaster’s resource.
  • 24/7 technical support, working without days off and holidays.

If you want to become a member of the affiliate program you need to consider the following factors:

  • Affiliation can only be a person who has reached the age of majority.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited. If the webmaster is convicted of such a violation, they will block him.
  • Personal data must be kept safe by the user.
  • You can use materials from the Fairspin casino website to design a resource.
  • The use of branded traffic with the name of the casino must be agreed with the administration of the gaming club.

Partnership dignity and attractive moment is the use of blockchain technology that excludes extraneous impact from the outside or the outside.

How to make money on an affiliate program

TruePlay affiliate program works on the principle of Revenue Share, that is, the webmaster receives a percentage of the gaming club’s net profit received from each new player brought to the casino.

Payments are made according to the following progressive scheme:

  • 1 - 9 of these users will bring 20% ​​of the profit.
  • 10-19 visitors will become a source of 25% of the profit.
  • 20 - 49 players will bring 35% of the profit.
  • 50 - 99 users will give 45% of the profit.
  • 100 casino customers will add 50% profit to the webmaster.

In the affiliate program, it is planned to introduce a CPA program, which is more suitable for users who want to make a profit right away or who prefer a short-term job. In this case, the webmaster will receive fixed payments for each casino visitor who will register and make the first deposit.

In addition to favorable financial offers, free advertising materials are also available to webmasters. They can be standard, but at the request of an affiliate program member, banners can be made according to a specific client’s order, taking into account the wishes and characteristics of the resource.