PoshFriends Affiliate Program

PoshFriends Affiliate Program

If your income is related to the conversion of online casino traffic, the PoshFriends affiliate program is simply obliged to be on the list of work plans. Equally accessible to both beginners and specialists, this affiliate program has practically no drawbacks inherent in universal products, it serves Russian game traffic on a world level and offers tariffs that are very attractive for webmasters.

An indicator of the thoroughness of the approach to the work of PoshFriends, perfectly demonstrates the choice of brands of generators of gambling traffic: Joycasino, Casino-X, Pokerdom, Champion Casino. For a person who is at least a little versed in the realities of the gaming industry, this list will be enough. Otherwise, we recommend that you open offhand any 5-10 online casino ratings to ensure the high status of these projects.

How it works

Becoming a PoshFriends partner, a webmaster can choose several schemes for converting traffic into profits.

  1. CPA (Cost Per Action) or price action. An ideal model for those who want fast results. The option involves a one-time payment for each referral. In this case, the amount of remuneration for partners is in the range of 50-500 dollars. Want more: drive traffic from abroad ("bourgeois").
  2. RevShare (Revenue Share) or percentage of profit. This scheme is chosen by webmasters working in the future. The essence of the model: instead of quick one-time payments, you get a percentage of deposits attracted by players in the casino and the more of them there are more referrals per month, the higher the percentage of rollback - 25-45%.
  3. Sub-Affiliate - earn money by attracting players and partners at the same time. Positive point: 5% of income is accrued to the referrer from the fund of the PoshFriends system, and not to the pocket of the attracted affiliate.

Now about the promotional materials. The advertising content to drive traffic at PoshFriends is truly diverse. In the list of available funds for partners:

  • articles, reviews;
  • Landings;
  • mailing lists;
  • banners;
  • mini-games;
  • Social Media Traffic, YouTube.

Each webmaster determines the effectiveness of a particular channel independently, most importantly, the program gives virtually unlimited freedom of choice in this matter.

Speaking of advertising, in relation to PoshFriends, you can not pass by such a feature as a promotional constructor, in which users are waiting for a large set of ready-made design solutions for every taste and format. To create and post unique content without coordination with the technical support service, this approach is rarely seen in similar Russian-language Internet resources.

A few words about payouts. The best way to withdraw profit from the PoshFriends affiliate program is to link the details of the system to any electronic wallet. Charges are stable, in the early days of the new month. A little worse with bank cards, and here the minimum withdrawal is above $ 20 and the process itself is longer.

In general, if your bread is traffic in online gambling, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to PoshFriends. Detailed statistics for management, internal tournaments and ratings with significant incentive prizes for top masters, a powerful set of promos and stable payments, what else is needed to earn money from converting traffic?